How much capital should be to run a  business? These questions are the things that most want to meet especially for those of you who are interested in starting to invest in the  Market.


Our answer to this may differ slightly from the others but we have certain arguments for it. We try to give the best answer we can. On this site we review and give some tips on  Trading as objectively as possible without hype and without misleading information. Despite what we tell you to do in terms of what you want to hear, but we try what there is about  Trading you can do the best tactics and be successful in  Trading.

You can believe it or not, for a group of novice traders, the first time 90% of the deposit will run out, sink or run out. Although there is a possibility that there will be further increases in equity, but at least there must be a drawdown first. Only about 10% of the novice Traders who Deposit the first time can continue or grow. Because what actually happens is, when people are just starting to learn  trading, the first goal should be to learn to trade first until they really master it, not to get as much profit as possible. The biggest mistake beginner traders make is making large deposits when STILL or NEWLY learning to trade.


In addition, for beginners, there must be big problems in terms of Trading Psychology. Where they will trade with undisciplined, perfunctory and stimulant. Even when a trader has good knowledge and skills regarding  Trading, this aspect of Trading Psychology generally makes everything messy. They know what to do but in practice are always doing something else and that is what makes them always unsuccessful in trading. Trading psychology cannot be solved easily. You need enough flying hours to trade and have good self-management skills to be able to handle it. It’s not really dangerous if you are still in this stage and deposit a huge amount of . Make a large deposit AFTER you have successfully managed Trading Psychology well.

By Aziz Fahreza

Hello, my name is Aziz Fahreza usually called Fahreza. I am a professional writer on several sites, one of which is this blog.

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