Trading Model $1, Is it possible

The $1  Model – Salma Markets operates as an online forex broker that allows you to try  1 dollar capital so investors can trade forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies online. The catalyst is that Souk Salma has quite complete customer service.


Some of the conveniences of 1$ Capital , such as easy deposit transfers, Withdrawals through local Indonesian banks, minimum deposit and withdrawal of 1 US dollar and the last CS in Indonesian.

Annie Long, who has worked as an acquisitions manager at Selma Market, says the industry has served many traders around the world. Several hundred IBs have also been owned, and in Indonesia alone, several dozen IBs (brokers/agents) have been owned and spread across many islands on a large scale.

In her explanation on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Annie explained that if they are supported by a professional team they want to be able to provide the best service and support.


 services with a capital of $1 in Salma Market are very light. In this case, all you have ordered is to open a salami shop. com and there is no obligation to go to a futures exchange.

To gain login to a demo account which will give you a virtual credit of $10,000, you can start by registering on the site for an account. This account is then used to execute forex  models without worrying about running out of money.

In this case, for Indonesian traders to build a  capital of $ 1, offers a variety of promotional models. From this promotion, for example, a 50% deposit works as a bonus. This deposit bonus can be used to get big profits.

chu The $1  model The Souq Salma platform gives you everything you need from embarking on an exploratory journey to working as an online investor and then making money online.

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