Some of these trusted android Online Trading Applications Strengthen

Free stock trading program from the United States (US), Robinhood, adds several hundred shares of global companies to its platform following the way major investment bank, JPMorgan, competes using a similar no-fee process.

Competed by JPMorgan, Some of these trusted Android Online Trading Applications Strengthen Service

Robinhood announced on Tuesday (28/08/2018) that it will add 250 shares to companies from Japan, China, Germany, the UK and Canada. Some of the shares, known as American depositary receipts (ADRs), will be available for trading routine early Tuesday while shares of several companies from France will be added in the near future.

This addition is the largest since the base was released 3 years ago.

ADRs are shares of foreign companies that trade and reside on the United States (US) market in dollars. This allows investors to avoid business transactions in foreign currencies.

“We’re seeing what loyal consumers are looking for and what they’re not getting,” Vlad Tenev, co-founder and CEO of Robinhood, told CNBC International. “This allows loyal consumers to gain exposure outside the US.”

Robinhood knows that its users expect access to global stocks by watching its own tracking data. Robinhood staff have access to user input stories for program tracking. Some names such as Nintendo, Adidas, Burberry, BMW, and Heineken are the most common.

Robinhood used the same reasoning back in February, when it decided to increase cryptocurrency trading. After repeated user searches for “bitcoin.”

“We always use tactics to listen to loyal customers and work on creating new products that make their lives easier,” said Tenev. Competition in the brokerage industry is heating up as there are several “no-fee” options for investors.

JP Morgan released its own free trading program this week. The way the banking giant is heating up the price war is to lower fees for retail brokers.

Shares of Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E-Trade, online brokers who used fees plummeted after information about JPMorgan’s new program spread. Tenev explained briefly that other online brokers were asked to follow JPMorgan in eliminating fees.

Robinhood was released about 3 years ago and is popular as a “no-fee” stock trading platform. Most of the users are 18 to 35 years old. In May, Robinhood was successful through its competitor E-Trade Financial and currently has a total of 5 million accounts.

Even though these startups do not use trading fees, they still charge fees through premium services.

5 Best Online Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Stock trading is one of the types of investment that is currently preferred by some people because the potential for profits to be obtained tends to be greater than other types of investment. In addition, technological changes move the world of stocks to play more extraordinary again.

5 Best Online Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Among them, for example, is the arrival of the stock Online Trading Application where those who are interested in investing can now easily do it via a smartphone. So, which stock online trading application is the best and recommended?

1. Stockbit

Unlike the usual stock online trading applications, Stokbit originally arrived as social trading where stock players can share information about the stock world. Therefore, Stokbit is the most recommended for beginners who need deeper knowledge related to stock investing.

Not only as a place for discussion, Stokbit can now also be used as a place to buy and sell shares directly. Then, there is also a virtual trading feature where users can do demos with real time data movements on the BSI or the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

2. Indopremier IPOT

One of the special selling points from Indopremier is that users can start playing stocks with less capital. Even users can create accounts without a minimum deposit.

Indopremier as one of the pioneers of online stock trading that can help its users grow through training and seminars that are prepared.

The features offered by Indopremier are quite numerous and easy to use by all types of investors. Account registration in this program is completely online and there is a CS that can be contacted via Telegram.

3. MOST – Mandiri Online Stock Trading

Mandiri Online Stock Trading as an Online Stock Trading Application from Mandiri Sekuritas that arrives with a simple and beginner-friendly UI. The minimum initial deposit set by MOST is indeed quite large, but it is in accordance with the several advantages offered.: Tactics to Determine the Type of Investment for Beginners

Some of them include customer registration which can be done online, a complete collection of mutual funds, face-to-face or online training support and full access to daily research achievements from several reliable Mandiri Sekuritas researches.

4. BIONS – BNI Sekuritas Innovative Trading Mechanism

Similar to MOST, BIONS is made by state-owned or government-owned banks, namely BNI. Perform a clean and easy to navigate UI which is one of the advantages of this program

Then, those who are foreign to the world of trading can also use a trial account to try trading without real money. BIONS arrives with features that are considered complete but are the same as MOST, the minimum deposit is quite large.

Then, there are also salespeople who can help in the process of selling shares and the investment money can be “trusted” in mutual funds.

5. Magic

Ajaib, as a new stock online trading application, belongs to the Ajaib Group, which houses two companies, namely Ajaib Mutual Funds and Ajaib Sekuritas. In its application, Ajaib not only prepares stock investments but also mutual funds.

That way, users don’t have to bother using two different programs if they are interested in the 2 types of investments. In addition to advice on which product is the most profitable, Magic can also provide a statement regarding the best time to buy and sell shares. For those who are just learning stocks, this is really recommended.(Tempo/Ela)

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