List of World Artists Engaged in Forex Trading

 is a particular magnet for a wide audience, including some actresses. There is no denying that some of the world’s actresses can jump into forex  to seek their fortune.

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Even if they are bothered with various needs or core tasks such as artists or artists, vocalists, and others.

Some of these celebrities apparently print success in the field of  and investment. Here’s a lineup of world actresses who plunged into forex .

1. Ryan Seacrest .best apps for  forex

Ryan John Seacrest full name is a presenter, radio broadcaster and tv producer from the United States.

Ryan is popular after hosting the show American Idol since the first season until now. In the midst of his busy life, Ryan has an interest in the world of  and investment.

The story as a trader begins with a capital of $ 1 million as capital for . But now Ryan is more concentrated in the world of investing in typos, keyboard devices for the iPhone purchased by Blackberry.

2. Tyra Banks. best apps for  forex

Who doesn’t recognize Tyra Banks? Starting the profession at the age of 15, Banks has now become a world supermodel, and a millionaire with several businesses that he pursues. He became the originator of America’s Next Great Fashion show.

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Due to his background in Business teaching at Harvard, Tyra is interested in the world of investing and . It was found that he invested in one of the startup companies such as theMuse and Videogram. He pursued the world of  and successfully started his own company under the auspices of the Tyra Banks Company.

3. Bono. best apps for  forex

The singer of the band U2 is also interested in the world of investment and . The business he built was found investing in shares of Facebook, Forbes, Yelp and the analytical company Marketshare. Apart from stocks, this U2 singer was found to have tried forex .

4. Nasir Jones, best apps for  forex

In addition to excelling as a hip-hop musician, Nasir Jones is a trader and investor.

Through a joint venture with Ben Horowitz, Queens Bridge Venture Partners, NAS has even invested in more than 40 companies. Half of which are well-known start-ups.

5. Anthony Kiedis. best apps for  forex

Who does not know the singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers band? The news buzzed that Anthony had invested $1.five million as  capital and investment capital in the Vita Coco coconut beverage company.

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