There are some people who misunderstand about  trading. Many think that  trading means looking at the diagram for a few hours and don’t let it be too eventful because it can lead to fatal losses.

Forex Trading

 trading is not like that, you don’t have to stare at a meta trader for a few hours. What we need to do is predict. when doing a buy/sell business transaction on a basis we can immediately determine when to buy, when to sell, when to stop, what is the maximum loss.

So that we have set everything and just continue our day-to-day as usual because trading runs on the broker’s server, not on our computer/cell phone, so it doesn’t mean that if the computer is turned off, trading automatically stops.

So there are no inconsequential confessions such as “my  trading partner fell asleep, then all the money ran out”, “my brother played  out of billions until he went bankrupt”, “my father traded  and then suddenly the lights went out and lost 100 million”, etc. What kind of stupid trader has all his money run out?

should not balance the trading mechanism with the gambling mechanism. Distinguish between trading , stocks and binary options.

Indeed, if it’s still new, it feels like you want to continue to watch it, in your heart it’s as if you are saying “let’s go, hurry up, donk”. But losing is often just lazy.

Then how about life, huh, people who keep monitors like that?

Forex Trading

Staring at the meta trader doesn’t last for a few hours. I estimate the market from news, community, chart predictions.. If you can predict and organize ideas, just make a plan in meta trader..

Filling in the data only takes a few moments, then please continue on a daily basis, at least opening a meta trader via cellphone is just playing around to see if you have reached your target or not.

No need to worry, the  market is open 24 hours because there are 4 markets that cover all over the world, namely the tokyo, sydney, london, and new york markets. Due to the difference in time zones, the  market opens 24 hours, because if the tokyo session closes, the new session york opens, new york closes london still open, etc.

Unlike stocks, if you trade on the IDX, the market is only the IDX. If the scope of  around the world.

It must be understood that rupiah is not used for trading. For deposits, there is no need to worry, there is a final rate, if on fbs the final rate is $1 = $10,000. So even if the price of the rupiah goes up and down, the final rate will still be the same, so there’s no need to worry

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