The Best And Most Profitable Indonesian app trading stocks!

app trading stocks You need to understand, the current online trading process is really trusted and safe. Apart from being complete with a strong security process, the app trading stocks is now equipped with several good features.

app trading stocks

That’s why, today’s gen z and millennials tend to choose online investments.

But, the wrong set of programs is sure to hurt you! Therefore, really know the character of each of these programs so you don’t lose!

After trying several programs, we chose to define the 11 Most Popular app trading stockss in Indonesia.

1. Stokbi – The Best Online app trading stocks

It can be said that Stokbit is the most crowded trading site in Indonesia. Even now, there is a mobile program for Android!

In fact, this one program has collaborated with a popular financial institution in Indonesia, namely Sinarmas Sekuritas. Therefore, like it or not, you have to register as a Sinarmas customer first in order to experience this online investment feature.

The good thing is, program one prepares features for discussions with professional investors and traders! So, it’s very useful for those of you who are just starting out so you can get a lot of information about the world of stocks and trading.

In addition, you can also taste 2 types of investment, namely real trading and virtual trading. The virtual data in this program is equated in real time with the actual movement in BSI.

Stockbit Features:

  • Virtual trading just getting started
  • Commune discussion
  • Fundamental data
  • Real-time market data
  • Stock Price Alert
  • The signs are technical
  • Download Stokbit via Play Store

2. RTI Business

RT Business is a new development for short trading through real-time displayed data from the Indonesia Imbas Exchange.

The good thing is, this best app trading stocks has been equipped with fundamental analytical features to see the company’s performance so far over the last 5 years. Starting from cash flow, changes in business, profits, income, and so on.

You don’t need to have trading experience, you can take maximum profit because of the trading simulation or virtual trading feature.

Don’t worry, RTI Business has passed and is registered with the OJK. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

RTI Business Features:

  • Market / Market to analyze stock movements
  • Stories of stock movements every day, week, and month
  • Global index data
  • Support major currencies around the world
  • There are 3 ideas, namely Gold, Silver and Platinum
  • Technical Cart consists of Stocks, Indices and Forex
  • Download RTI Business via Play Store

3. IpotUltima – Indopremier

Just santu. Try using IpotUltima Indopremier, a program that lets you make any deposit, no limits!

In fact, you can open all trading accounts with the same value according to the amount of your investment right away. You can also join various groups, special online communes of this program to get information about the world of trading professionals and beginners.

Just register through the website first, then the link to take the mobile program will be there when you are on the Ipotstock menu.

Features of IpotUltima – Indopremier:

  • Integrated accounts through investment products
  • ETF Market custom sets
  • Analytical features (Advanced OrderBook, Order Center, Stock Screener, Chart and Data Comparison, etc.)

4. NeoHOTS Mobile – Mirae Asset

Not wanting to lose to other company developers, Mirae Asset has a joss program for trading. His name, HOTS Mobile.

The working process is the same as Stokbit. Therefore, you must first register as a customer. Then, go to the Products and Services menu and click ‘Download MTS’.

The good thing is, this program has many trading features. One of them, you can see all the balance sheets of target companies that have been listed on the Indonesia Imbas Exchange. Because of this, the analysis becomes easier.

In fact, this program is compatible for Android and iOS users.

Neo HOTS Mobile Features:

  • Real time market data
  • Stock Search
  • Buy, Sell, Borrow
  • GTC Order and Automatic Order
  • Real Time Portfolio

5. BNI Sekuritas – BUMN app trading stocks

Among the stock programs that are directly managed by SOEs are BNI Sekuritas, although later there will be Mandiri Sekuritas that will have power in this program.

The good thing is, this program has been equipped with eSmart features. This means that you can trade anywhere and anytime.

In fact, there is also information about the stock world which is updated every time. In addition, the features in this program are very complete. Therefore, it is suitable for those of you who are new to the world of stocks and trading.

Not only local stock info, there is a lot of foreign information that you can access. In fact, you can see the movement of the stock market index of the most important companies in the world. The data is like ISSI sharia world data.

BNI Sekuritas Fees:

  • Trading Equity
  • Order
  • Armend
  • Withdraw
  • Equity Market
  • Stock Market Data
  • News
  • Download eSmart BNI Sekuritas via Play Store

6. MNC Trade New

The opportunity for this one program is still considered a new program. But that’s not a problem, the problem is, this program has been equipped with various good features and is always experiencing changes in quality and service.

The good thing is, sharia and regular customers can directly connect even though they have 2 other accounts. In addition, stock purchase analysis is made easier with the existing graphical features.

In fact, you can also do a complete analysis of live technical stocks. The problem is, there is a candle stick chart that you can immediately see the movement.

Unfortunately, you must have special powers for trading if you use this best app trading stocks.

MNC Trade New Features:

  • Individual Quick Menu
  • Easy transaction
  • Buy and sell stocks easily
  • Advanced Transaction
  • GTC Orders, If Match Orders, Trailing Orders, Break Orders, and Split Orders
  • Candlestick Chart
  • Line and Bar Chart
  • Indicator Chart
  • World Commodities
  • World currency

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